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Tech Company Grows Revenue by Over 150%

A technology company with flat sales engaged MAS to improve growth. The company sold technology and provided training and some limited services. They were a long-established company with about $14 million in revenue. However, their sales were flat and they engaged Mr. Gansman for assistance.

Upon interviewing the owner, Mr. Gansman realized that the owner was stuck in a “small business mentality.” He was still in startup mode. Mr. Gansman employed diagnostic services and identified several challenges. 1) there was no strategic plan, 2) revenue generators did not have sales plans, 3) the company didn’t use a CRM and had antiquated business management software, and 4) the six salespeople had become so “busy” that they were not as effective as they could be.

The owner worked with Mr. Gansman to develop a ten-year strategic plan with one, three, and five-year goals. Then, Mr. Gansman and the owner sat down with each salesperson and helped them construct a tactical sales plan tailored to each of their respective units.

Next, the company purchased a CRM, which was deployed and used companywide (in addition to tablets). All activity was documented in the system - no more word documents or spreadsheets. This way, they had a complete history of every engagement with every client and potential client. After the CRM was adopted, the sales team received formal training. The training reinforced the importance of following the tactical sales plan to have more predictable revenue. The team learned how to sit opposite clients and have a business value discussion (show them their technologies’ business value).

Two years after the company’s new sales plan was implemented, revenue stood at $22 million.

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