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CRO Services

Acquire new clients. Drive increased revenue.

The Gansman Group will help you acquire more clients and increase your revenue. Benefits of partnering with TGG include - 

  • Accelerating revenue growth for your company.

  • Reversing flat or declining revenue.

  • Increasing sales revenue per salesperson.

  • Building a sustainable and accountable sales team.

  • Deploying innovative processes that enable predictable sales revenue results.

  • Hiring and retaining the right sales & marketing team.

  • Mentoring and growing sales & marketing personnel.

  • Developing a high-performing, sustainable & accountable sales & marketing team.

  • Saving time and resources rather than hiring a full-time CRO.

In short, we build a dynamic sales revenue engine. 

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1:1 Advisement

1:1 advisement for business owners


Strategic Planning

Strategic business planning and implementation


Sales & Marketing Planning

Tactical sales & marketing planning and implementation


Process Analysis

Analyze sales & marketing processes to identify improvement areas


Staff Recruiting

Recruit & retain the right sales & marketing team members

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Sales & marketing team mentoring and coaching



Lead sales & marketing teams in collaboration to ensure consistent messaging



Sales operations and marketing operations improvements

Not sure which service is right for you? 

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Mr. Gansman with TGG aims to work himself out of a job by building your company so you can afford to hire a full-time sales & marketing executive. He does this by - 

  • Building a high-performing, sustainable & accountable sales & marketing team

  • Establishing a sales culture that supports and maximizes sales results.

  • Bringing an outside perspective to inspire new sales strategies.

  • Taking on operational responsibilities so you have time to focus on other priority tasks without worrying about revenue generation.

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