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Client Successes

Acquire new clients. Drive increased revenue.

The Gansman Group is proud to share an array of client successes across several industries. 

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  • Rescued a failing division of a SaaS service provider

    • Assumed control, rescued, and ramped revenue 3x in 4 years.

  • Scaled a mature, stable technology company (value added reseller)

    • Increased revenue from $14M to $22M in 2 years

  • Started up a new market focus business unit of a SaaS Solutions company

    • Won the first client (generating $45M in total revenue over five years).


  • Web development & Digital Marketing company

    • 57% growth in 1st year  (Plans to 3x growth in 4 years)

    • 19% additional growth 2nd year

Information Technology  - TGG.jpg
Manufacturing  - TGG.jpg


  • A private manufacturer

    • Scaled this flat manufacturer from $2.9M to $8M in 3 years

  • An industry business unit of a Fortune 500 manufacturing Company

    • Transformed & scaled from $7.4M to $19.6M in 3 years

  • A specialty division of a Fortune 500 manufacturing company

    • Revamped and grew from $38M to $45M in 2 years

  • A custom Manufacturing (& Engineering) Company

    • 52% growth in 2 years (Plans to double in 5 years)

Engineering / Deployment Services

  • Energy management services startup firm

    • Built and scaled a new division from 0 to $6.5M in 2 years

  • Structural engineering company (very established)

    • 34 % Growth – 2 years

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