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Executive Advisory Boards

An executive advisory board allows you to crowdsource solutions business challenges with local fellow business owners in a non-competitive environment.

Are you interested in pursuing partnership opportunities in a non-competitive environment?
Have you had difficulty creating and - more importantly - sticking to plans to achieve strong goals?
​Do you struggle to find fresh perspective when troubleshooting business problems? 

Joining an executive advisory board could be the right move for you. An executive advisory board is a collective brain trust of non-competitive business owners in a confidential environment. This is a space where you can crowdsource brainstorming, education, accountability, and support in a professionally facilitated, safe group setting to solve challenges and sharpen your business and personal skills. 

When you join an executive advisory board, you can - 

Tap into a network of non-competitive peers and cultivate mutually beneficial business partnerships.
Get strategic about setting and achieving business goals by learning from people who have been there and can keep you accountable.
Access a pool of driven entrepreneurs and business owners like you who work together to identify and solve business problems.
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Executive advisory boards drive value. In fact, businesses that work with MAS have grown 2.5x the expected rate when services are retained. 
Are you ready to learn more about how Mastermind Advisory Services can help you tap into a network of smart, driven entrepreneurs and business owners? Schedule a consultation today. 

“Having the freedom to discuss important questions while knowing that your peers will hold you accountable may not always be comfortable, but it is always valuable.”
- Keith Oliver, Oliver Insurance Agency

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