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Sales Ramp-Up Program

Acquire new clients. Drive increased revenue.

Are you a small business-to-business company looking to ramp up your sales program?


The Gansman Group helps B2B companies under $2M increase revenue through guidance on structure, targeting, KPIs, process, technology, and accountability. 


Learn how weekly planning/working sessions with senior leadership and sales staff can help scale your selling capabilities, increase profit, and enhance overall efficiency. 

Ready to learn more?
Salespeople working in small start-up company

The Sales Ramp-Up Program will teach you how to:

Sell more with minimal salespeople.

Small businesses struggle to scale revenue due to time, personnel, and system constraints. Learn how to effectively manage these resources to reach more sales prospects.

Increase the efficiency of your selling time.

Time is a critical sales resource, and it’s impossible to ramp up a sales program without enough of it. Optimize selling time to increase efficiency and unlock growth opportunities. 

Set and meet your KPIs.

A sales program cannot grow without setting and tracking strategic and realistic KPIs. Focus on the right opportunities by regularly monitoring and evaluating your sales pipeline, conversion rates, and market trends. 

Fill your bench with great talent.

Building a strong bench can seem challenging when you have a limited budget. Build a bench of part-time experts who can contribute on an as-needed basis. As you grow, they can step in with minimal ramp-up and help you meet your goals.

If you want to improve or enhance your small business’s sales strategy, contact The Gansman Group to learn how the proven Sales Ramp-Up Program can help.

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