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Running a Gap Analysis for Your Business

Once you have identified your company's vision and developed a strategic plan, it's time to run a gap analysis on your people, processes, and technology.

Jim Collins' book, Good to Great, teaches that you must have the right people on the bus. Do you? Do they bring the experience and expertise to help get the company to the next level? Do they have a fire in their belly to be successful?

Together, we will conduct a full business diagnostic on your company and a SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunity, and threat) analysis. The diagnostic is completed jointly from my perspective and yours. We'll look at core areas of sales, marketing, HR, and delivery processes. Then, depending on what kind of business you own, there are a few optional areas to understand where you perceive additional gaps.

Next, we will look at and assess your sales team (revenue generators). What are their innate abilities? What skills have they learned? What acumen and competencies do they have? Have they received formal sales training in Insight Selling, Consultative selling, or some other high-level value add approach?

Next, we look at revenue generation. Do you have a defined sales approach & process that you're following? Not a concept, but a defined process to have predictable revenue and milestones in a sales process? Then, the next piece looks at your technology landscape and how your company is adopting basic technology. Are you using Microsoft or Google? Are you using technology that drives effectiveness, especially when you're talking revenue generation? Are you & your teams actively using a customer relationship management (CRM) system that ties into the rest of your systems? It's not enough to have the technology. You & your teams must actively use it so that your business is more productive and has predictable revenue.

The final piece is data. Do you have company KPIs in finance, operations, marketing, sales, HR, and customer service? Does everyone in the company have individual KPIs, even you? It's essential to have personal KPIs, so you lead by example. I'm often surprised how many companies and owners don't do this. If you don't measure it, you can't manage it.

Are you ready to start thinking about these questions to identify and correct gaps in your business processes? Get in touch to get started today.


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