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Top Sales Problems Businesses Face & Why

I always say that business problems can be traced back to the Big Three: people, processes, and technology. Do you have the right people? Do you have the right (and followed) sales processes? And are you using technology that enables effectiveness? Here are four considerations for identifying and solving sales problems -

One: Tactical Sales Plan. In addition to an overall strategic plan, a tactical sales plan must be in place so that business owners know each of their revenue generators and each employee knows their action plan. In my business life, I've seen salespeople that are so busy, they're no longer effective. People thrive when there is a personalized, effective working plan to drive revenue.

Two: Niche Focus. The next essential item is to narrow down the focus of each revenue generator. Salespeople can't be all over the board - it doesn't work. Everyone should have a niche. They should know it well and use it to add value to clients.

Three: Client Relationships. Salespeople need to know their clients' business challenges. They should ask insightful questions to diagnose problems and solve them. It's critical to take a more holistic sales approach and put on a business advisor hat, regardless of title, to work with each client specifically. What's their role? How does the role impact their company? How can you help them be more successful?

Four: Lead Generation Program. Companies need to have a creative & yet targeted lead generation program. Gone are the days - 20 or 30 years ago - when you could fill a room with 12-15 salespeople who make calls, get appointments, and sell things. Today, it's marketing, marketing, marketing. Previously, sales and marketing strategies were way too siloed, and today, they're intertwined like never before. Business owners must have a well-crafted marketing plan that involves target marketing to a finite group of prospects to curate interest and develop leads. Then, your sales team can engage with interested clients to solve their challenges and grow revenue.

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