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How to make Networking Events successful.

Clients, business associates, subordinates, and friends always ask me what is the best way to maximize the benefit of a networking event (or social gathering, etc.).

I always go back to a philosophy:

"Don't worry about being the most interesting person in the room, just try to be the most interested person in the room.”


  • The interested person asks about others (does not talk about themself) and leaves a good impression because people like talking about themselves.

  • The interested person is genuinely curious about someone's craft and learns a lot about how things work.

  • The interested person engages with more people and—because opportunities come through people—is more likely to perceive an opportunity to serve or work together.

In general, the interested person learns more and tends to be well-liked. And in the long run, it's hard to keep someone down who is well-learned and well-liked.

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