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Live In Attendance Events vs Online – Which is Better?

Live In Attendance Events vs Online – Which is Better?

I get asked by many professionals, especially younger ones, why should I attend a live event?

Or what is the value of a live event? Everyone is online.

I tell them, you cannot garner the energy, the networking, the new connections, and reconnecting with people online like in person. In person is immensely better!

Plus, even though you talk about business, you have time to talk about more than just business, building a deeper relationship.

As a CRO services firm, The Gansman Group helps company owners achieve growth targets, consistently and sustainably in today’s business climate. It is immensely valuable when I know the expectations of my clients. Being with them live in person is the best means in which to have that authentic conversation.

I was at a conference recently (will leave out the name) and when I talked live with CEOs, Presidents & Owners in attendance, I consistently heard a common theme: Relationships

* They stated the word relationship (or partnership) when discussing expectations of sales & marketing teams

* Many stated they don’t feel those words show up consistently in the day-to-day delivery and execution from sales and marketing teams.

* They don’t expect things for free, but they stated they expect sales and marketing teams to do the right thing.

And, not just when everyone is watching. That means integrity.

I would not have learned that on a Zoom or MS Teams call.

To learn more about how to develop an effective marketing plan, click on The Gansman Group, and let's have a discussion.


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