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The Top 5 Beliefs of Highly Successful Salespeople

What is a belief system? Some would say it is a mental representation of an attitude whether something is likely to be true.

High-performing salespeople One has to have a series of beliefs that support their thought processes, regardless of whether they can be scientifically proven, high performing salesperson. Once those beliefs become embedded in a person's psyche, they act as the foundation for specific behaviors and breed confidence that can overcome many adverse circumstances. What, then, makes up the core belief system of highly successful salespeople? I read this article, and the five components of a successful salesperson's belief system resonated with me. I hope you enjoy the article. Here are five belief system components that are shared by the vast majority of effective salespeople: 1) They don't believe in failure; only in outcomes 2) Every event is an opportunity to learn 3) The past is a school; the future is a place to apply it 4) Curiosity is the key to learning 5) They see they are in charge of their future


Michael Gansman

The Gansman Group



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