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How to Exceed Your Goals & Maintain a Work-Life Balance

As they say, “there is no secret to success.” However, a close recipe includes preparation, diligence, and learning from failure.

A great place to start is to craft a company vision and a personal vision. Why are you doing this? What do you want out of your venture? How about your personal life? Many of us are under massive pressure to perform, but we forget to care for our most significant investment: ourselves. More than equity, real estate, retirement funds, or our businesses, we are the greatest money-making vehicle we have.

I remember sitting down with the owner of a financial planning firm. He was working insane hours trying to get his business off the ground. He was worn out. Struggling. I liken his approach to trying to win a race but never coming in for a pit stop. We’ll never be able to win unless we refuel. Like a freshly cleaned windshield or a cold glass of water, we have to make time to clear our vision and replenish our spirits. Life isn’t about just being alive. It’s about living.

I see lots of business owners like that guy. As a business owner’s advisor, I start all my mentoring relationships with five steps:

  1. Craft a personal vision

  2. Craft a company vision

  3. Construct a strategic plan, including completing a time relationship worksheet so my mentees can focus on key Platinum Activities to impact their business (see my previous blog)

  4. Set key performance indicators (KPIs) for financial, sales, and operational performance

  5. Make a plan for keeping the personal triangle - spiritual, mental, and physical health - top-of-mind

Many people live from a perspective of “Do (the right things) Have (what you desire) Be (the person who deserves it).” But that mindset has to change to “Be. Do. Have.” You start out deserving it. When people internalize the concept of already being worthy of success, they truly find balance and gain fulfillment.

Are you ready to start working on building an exceptional business?


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