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The Top 3 Reasons Executives Get Stuck

There are lots of reasons executives can get stuck. In my experience, the top three are 1) small company mindset, 2) attempting too much or wearing too many hats, and 3) working IN the business instead of ON the business. Here, I provide some solutions to these common problems.

1. Small Company Mindset

Many executives and owners get stuck because they’re good at “doing a thing” - whatever that “thing” might be. They wake up a few years later with employees and financial growth, but they’re still stuck in the smaller-business mindset.

The solution to this challenge is to work on “growing the mindset.” This growth can be achieved through business owner advisory services.

2. Attempting Too Much or Wearing Too Many Hats

Business owners need to learn to let go of tasks that can be hired out. For example, should a business owner post to LinkedIn daily, or perhaps hire a virtual assistant or marketing firm? By creating more time to focus on big-picture business needs, the reward for hiring out is much greater than the money spent to do so.

TGG can help business owners like you understand “Platinum Activities” and top frustrations. What are those frustrations costing you? How can you shed them? When you complete this assessment, you can focus on Platinum Activities that help drive growth in your business.

3. Working IN the Business instead of ON the Business

Sometimes, business owners or entrepreneurs like you can get stuck focusing on the wrong priorities. You may have “outkicked your coverage,” so to speak, and need a non-biased perspective to help refocus efforts to get your company to the next level of performance.

The best way to tackle these challenges is to seek non-biased, outside counsel consistently. TGG can help by:

  • Providing consistent counsel through a set schedule of check-ins

  • Asking hard questions and delivering hard messages.

  • Bringing together diverse business owners and guiding them to work together as a sounding board

Ready to get started? Schedule a consultation today.


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